Master Practitioner Certification

Master All Aspects of Your Life, Enlightened Academy’s NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training. (Circle of life wheel with – Health and Fitness, Spirituallity, Business and Career, Relationships, Family, Personal Development)

Feeling Stuck? Unsure? Like You'er Missing That One Thing to Get you Where You Want To Be?

We Work With You To Help You Find Clarity. Nowadays the word “researched” is thrown around a lot. On the comments section of ANY social media post you may find the statement that someone has “Researched” a topic only to find out that they have never even opened an actual book or official scientific peer review document. Through years of working as an ICU and Psych nurse, Michael has learned what it means to read through long scientific wording and make sense of it on the other side. With this said, Michael and Nicholas have honestly spent years of studding the greatest minds in psychology and personal development and found that, even though many schools of thought have beneficial ideas and tactics, NLP holds the clearest, most conscious and effective ideas and skills for rapid and long term positive change. For anyone that honestly wants to see, hear, or feel positive change in their lives, NLP is a must.

Learn Master Techniques of the Mind Body Connection From a Medical Professional That Has Saved Countless Lives

The body affects the mind. The mind affects the body. Our brain is part of what is called the Central Nervous System. All nerves in the body are connected to the Brain. With this in mind, it is clear to see that the environment in which we live affects both our body and mind and that the impact on one affects the impact on the other. During this training, learn from Michael Vanderplas BSN, CCRN, DNP and PhD Graduate Student how specifically our environment affects both the mind and body as well as what is possibly the greatest factor that can change a negative tract that one is going down. Through gaining awareness and enlightenment of these factors you can learn to regain control of your personal power and take control of your emotional and possibly your physical health for once and for all.

Learn Highly Advanced Communication SkillsĀ 

During your NLP Practitioner Certification Training you learned many unique and helpful language skills that can help you to both be understood better by others as well as understanding what other people are communicating to you. (SUPER POWERFUL STUFF KIDDO!!!!) Due to time limitations during the regular prac, that amazing info you received was actually just the tip of the iceberg. During our NLP Master Practitioner Training we learn advanced language patterns that will assist you in sales, negotiations (not just for business, think about with your children) and communication that will help you to understand your client at a deeper level then before.

Share Your Mission with More People, Create Greater Change.

Year after year, Public Speaking tops the list as the number one fear amongst adults. Heights, Bugs & Snakes, and Drowning follow close behind. This means that in general people are MORE scare of public speaking than actually dying. Yet at the same time one of the best ways to get your message out there is to speak, train and coach in front of groups of people. Learn the different ways that people learn info during a training and how to effectively organize the information so that your audience will get the most out of your training and be able to retain it and use the information later. This information alone when applied properly helps one to surpass the blank stares from the audience which in turn makes a stronger, more powerful, more confident public speaker and trainer out of you. And those that can train and relay ideas to big groups make big change and big bucks.

EXPOSED!! The Secret Blueprint of What Drives Peoples Behaviors.

Many years ago 4 different, INGENIOUS psychologists each developed theories that when examined together, clearly lay out the evolution of human thought and the human psyche. What use is that? well, once understood you will be able to see what level of thought the person, group of people, business or entire countries and regions think in and therefore how to relate to and communicate with them and what to be cautious of. Would that be of value to you? i think it would.

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