Unlock the POWER of Your Subconscious Mind.

Learn The Science and Art Of Hypnosis

3 Day

Hypnosis Certification Training

  • Better Health
  • Increased Mental Awareness
  • Performance
  • Deep Sleep
  • Enhanced Sex and Relationships

Health and Fitness

(Mind and Body Connection)

Increase Emotion Control

(Self Hypnosis)

    Ethical Business Applications and Advancement

(Business Mastery)

Become Board Certified in Hypnosis and Help Your Clients Breakthrough

  • Unlock the Power of Your Client’s Subconscious Mind.
  • Discover Your Client’s (and your) Hidden Potential
  • Block Old, Bad Habits / Develop New, Strong Habits.
  • Create HUGE breakthroughs for your Client’s (and Yourself).
  • Uncover the Secret Power of Self-Hypnosis.

Get The Total Mind Growth and Healing

What You Will Learn

Day 1

  • The Neuro-Science Behind Hypnosis.
  • How Hypnosis Developed.
  • Intro to Krasner Hypnosis.
  • Success Strategies
  • Experience a Mindset Accelerator Hypnotic Induction

Day 2

  • Krasner Hypnosis Continued.
  • Intro to 3 Other Forms of Hypnosis
  • Money Mindset Induction
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis
  • Smoking and Habit Breaking Hypnosis.
  • Increased Sleep and Performance Hypnosis.

Day 3

  • Solidifying Your Goals in Your Future.
  • Self-Hypnosis.
  • How to Make Money with Your Hypnosis Practice.
  • Hypnosis Cert Graduation!!!

3 Day Event

Board Certified Hypnosis Training

$997 Per Person


How much TIME and MONEY are you going to lose by holding onto stress and bad habits?

  • Invest in Yourself and Your Coaching Business!
  • Make a Living Helping Others!
  • Discover Clarity and Focus Daily!
  • Get an Edge over Your Compensation!
  • Integrate Your Client’s Conscious and Subconscious Mind!
  • Accelerate your Health and Fitness Client’s Performance Breakthroughs!
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