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About Enlightened Academy – After years of Corporate and Personal Business success, assisting well known personal development companies build their brand as well as coaching and healing people worldwide, Michael (Mike) and Nicholas (Nick) picked the most effective tools to break into one’s unconscious mind and create REAL, LASTING change. We get a kick out of helping those willing to do what it takes to elevate themselves and their business to the next level via our training and guided evaluation of their TRUE root level values. We realize that all facets of life are intertwined (Health and Fitness, Relationships, Family, Business, Emotional ect). With that in mind we help you and help you learn how to help your clients get out of their own way. Financial guru and investor Warren Buffet summed it up best when he stated “How do you expect to control your finances if you can’t even control your Emotions?”

How We got here.

Michael Vanderplas BSN, CCRN, DNP and Ph.D Grad Student, I start by Listening. REALLY listening to my Clients/Patients. Many people have never TRULY been listened to. Most people present with what they believe is their problem. in truth, if they knew they would have likely already resolved the problem themselves. All people are doing the best they can with the resources they have. By listening intently to my clients/patients I’m able to see, hear, feel and gain a knowledge of what their true root problem is. Unfortunately, with all that’s going on in the world today, many people get confused with what they are being exposed to. They lose themselves and therefore start to question who they are and what they are capable of. When I learned how to tap into my very own personal power through NLP as well as other techniques we teach, I created an amazing free and fulfilling live that I never could have imagined way back in High School when my teachers told me that I would never amount to much with my 1.999 GPA. It took some work, but the pay off has been a life more amazing then I could have ever hoped for.

Nicholas’s Story,


Growing up in a small town in Texas with way too much energy for most it meant that I got to spend a lot of quality time with myself and just realizing who I am and also studying people and their characteristics. Because of so many years of just watching and listening I began to develop an ability to see the full potential in others and what they are capable of. I believe there’s no better feeling in the world than helping people break down their own personal beliefs and barriers that they’ve developed over the years and seeing their true untapped potential coming out and creating the life that they only dreamed was possible. Because for each and everyone of us, it is possible in all aspects of life. Remember, the Law of Attraction is secretly the Law of ACTION.

Karen’s Story,

Someone had asked me once, “What is your mission?” My mission is simple and it is only two words: serve others. Growing up with those two words in mind I believed by helping others to accomplish that mission was becoming a Registered Nurse. Along that journey I came to realize I was destined for something bigger and that something is waiting for me. It’s taken some time to align my beliefs with this truth inside of me so that I could live into my knowing, but it’s been worth it. This beautiful planet is crawling with those of us who want to make a difference; who knows we are capable of anything. I wish everyone I met in life would have an iridescent life. I believe that everyone is unique and, whatever their background, have the potential to build skills with proficiency. One performs at their best when motivated, and one can only be motivated when aspirations and goals are identified.

So what is Neuro Linguistic Programming? Made famous by the likes of Tony Robbins, Robert Green, Oprah Winfrey, Mel Robbins as well as many government officials and agencies utilize NLP Techniques. NLP is a collection of many techniques to produce excellence in one’s life through the modeling of excellence. It is one if not THE most effective method for creating an efficient connection between your conscious and unconscious mind in order to produce huge results in your personal life and therefore your business as well. By creating and increasing your skill set, you also create extreme flexibility in your ability to adjust to this ever changing world in every facet of your life. It is through this flexibility we instal that not only does your attitude change, but your ability to discover new solutions and ideas which will skyrocket your results. and isn’t that what really matters, results?

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